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Welcome to Daksh Securitas! We are an ISO 9001:2005 National Security Company in India which is aided a purpose of defending your life and trust. We provide a wide array of integrated security solutions and consultancy. Daksh is serving prominent and affordable security arrangements to meet specific requirements of different clients.

The wide array of services, offered by the company, ranges from security training to resourcing manpower. We assure well-trained and trustworthy special guard corps, efficient in dealing with protocols, patrols, and gate security. Daksh precisely identifies your security issues, outlines a draft of your requirements to analyze it, and finally, comes up with the most-effective security solutions which specifically cater to all of your requirements. Let’s have a quick glimpse at the services Daksh Securitas offers:
Corporate Security By Daksh Securitas

Corporate Security

A comprehensive security solution that is delivered keeping in mind the importance of a large size business and the role that information plays in the success and growth of an institution within a highly competitive market. The comprehensive solution covers all aspects of physical, Electronic & Cyber Security, Monitoring & Surveillance.

Commercial Security

Be it a shop, super market, bank commercial hub or a mall, our experts aided by a skilled team and ultra modern equipment ensure that nothing unwanted escapes the eye. Strategic security planning and execution also ensures that crowed control, nuisance management and perimeter security measures within a commercial space are brought into effect with utmost efficiency.

Commercial Security-Daksh Securitas
Residential Security - Daksh Securitas

Residential Security

We go the extra mile in securing your residential premise. With well trained and skilled guards, grade 1 equipment & stringent control setups, we ensure that you and your loved ones are truly at home with or without you there. Our security personnel’s are capable enough to respond to emergencies and threats through our residential security to keep you safe and secure every second.

Individual & Personal Security

If you think that as an individual need to be protected then look no further. Our Male Guards and Armed Guards would ensure that you go about doing the things in your life that you are born to do without worrying about anything else– Literally. We provide a complete blend of people, technology, and knowledge to give you reliable security. We’re a leader in providing security risk & management service.

Individual & Personal Security -Daksh Securitas
Investigation Services - Daksh Securitas

Investigation Services

The best of detectives in close proximity and compliance with the designated authorities ensure that any investigative requirement of our clients is addressed in the most professional and effective manner. 

We chose to stop at nothing when in a surveillance investigation & the results and reports are delivered to you just as you wished for. You can trust us to handle every personal, confidential, and sensitive investigation.

Electronic Surveillance

Our high-end electronic cameras and surveillance equipment, supported by an efficient control and monitoring mechanism is at your disposal to monitor anything from a house to an industrial unit. 

The electronic surveillance is a latest high-tech gadget that helps you with remote monitoring (insight) into the activities and communication between people at can be installed at almost any location.

Electronic Surveillance Security-Daksh Securitas
CCTV Installation & Management - Daksh Securitas

CCTV Installation & Management

The best equipment and technology is made to order under our strict supervision to provide you with a CCTV set up which is second to none in the industry. 

Our supervisors and engineers ensure that each and every aspect of your concerns is addressed to the last detail before we either handover or start monitoring.

Facility Mgmt & Housekeeping

Daksh Securitas Provide Seamless and integrated management of your facilities and infrastructure is the key to helping your organisation achieve its objectives. 

We understand this and ensure that you stay focused on your core business while we take care of their secondary, non-core business process.

Facility Management & Housekeeping-Daksh Securitas

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