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We believe wholeheartedly that you should vacation on your timeshare. However, our service provides a great way to help offset the expense of owning when you can’t use all your points. We are the largest third-party management and rental agency in the nation, helping point-based timeshare owners and guests since 2011. We partner with the largest online travel agencies in the world and get exposure to over 100 million renters a month, making it easy to get your excess points rented out.

We offer very diverse marketing exposure and have an extensive Timeshare inventory. Timeshare brokers are in charge to train all sales agents. They are also responsible to oversee that the contracts to get the sale done are prepared correctly. They charge a commission once the timeshare transaction is done, because they work as an intermediary, and most times the seller never meets the buyer.

Timeshare Resales Learn all there is to know about timeshare resale. In fact, some states have laws which prohibit timeshare resellers from collecting any advance fees. While many of them are completely happy with their purchase, the market is nonetheless swamped with vacation property owners who no longer wish to use it. For a free timeshare exit consultation, give us a call, submit a contact form or initiate live chat on the right side of the page. Read 143 Reviews Vacation Village Resorts has been offering timeshares since 1983. It offers fully furnished vacation homes throughout the United States and allows timeshare members to stay at whichever resort they prefer each time they travel.

  • We will handle every aspect of the rental transaction from start to finish.
  • Timeshare programs with points programs allow owners to accumulate points by buying into properties or purchasing points.
  • Ng fully bonded and insured timeshare closing and escrow services.
  • A timeshare resale broker will have access to an extensive inventory of weeks — including some that might be unavailable on the for-sale-by-owner market.

Information in this guide is general in nature and is intended for informational purposes only; it is not legal, health, investment or tax advice. makes no representation as to the accuracy of the information provided and assumes no liability for any damages or loss arising from its use. Timeshares can be great for large, extended families who want to vacation together every year. Timeshares designate a fixed time during which family members from all over will convene in one place for a vacation. We use intelligent software that helps us maintain the integrity of reviews.

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Typically, the resort itself does everything they can to have the guest hold liability. We attach the guests name to each reservation and then the front desk at the resort will require them to show a government issued ID as well as a credit card for incidentals or damages. Of course, in serious situations the resort would get you involved since you own the property. This is where we would step in to settle with the guest, since they agreed to very specific terms and conditions when they booked with us. Due to the marketing reach we have through the online travel agencies, we don’t need to rely on the pre-booking model that many smaller agencies do.

When we were smaller we managed this by hand, but we now manage thousands of reservations in hundreds of accounts and had to develop a program to help us with this process. These include the number of available points, transaction limitations or fees, time since last rental and type of property. So for example if you allocated 10x the amount of points another owner did, you would likely see 10x the activity but at roughly the same pace as the other owner. We work with most of the large point-based ownerships and have some pilot programs for smaller point-based ownerships as well.

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We get paid from the bravo customs broker services transactions we do for you, splitting the proceeds on each rental with you. This allows us to focus on getting you top dollar for each reservation because as your share goes up, so does ours. Everyone has different ideas about if a timeshare is worth the cost and responsibility.

Reselling Timeshare – FAQ for Timeshare Sellers

Timeshare exit companies typically offer two options regarding payment and your satisfaction with services performed. This company boasts a 97% success rate and claims it’s given nearly $2 million in fees back to the other 3% of clients. As of this writing, they’ve helped over 16,000 clients get out of timeshare agreements. This prevents the timeshare developer from “dinging” your credit for lack of payment. Vacation Ownership Consultants is committed to helping timeshare owners.

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Timeshare Broker Services has a team of licensed real estate agents and timeshare brokers with decades of vacation ownership industry experience. Unlike traditional real estate agents, our timeshare real estate agents know how to sell timeshares. The agents at Timeshare Broker Services have the marketing, timeshare, and legal knowledge to assist you in buying a timeshare interest or successfully selling your timeshare resale. Unlike other timeshare resale options, with Timeshare Broker Services,you won’t pay anything out of pocketto sell your ownership. If your property qualifies for our no upfront fee program, our licensed real estate agents are paid only after the successful close of escrow for the sale of your points, timeshare, or fractional. Our timeshare brokers have worked in the industry for years and understand the unique process of selling timeshare real estate.

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Newton Group has a dual service including timeshare exit services and legal representation as well. If you’re stuck with a timeshare you no longer need or want, you may be wondering what your options are. Selling your timeshare may be difficult because the internet is flooded with people selling timeshares. Many general practice lawyers have seen the opportunity to start practicing timeshare law. Without the proper experience and history to back up the success rate in Timeshare Cancellation, we suggest using Timeshare Lawyers with a proven track record and high success rate.

  • Using advanced Internet marketing techniques, we target a global audience of consumers, driving thousands of qualified buyers to our site daily through search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.
  • We recommend SellMyTimeshareNow for people looking to buy, rent or sell a timeshare property.
  • Do you want to sell your timeshare, but don’t know how to get started?

I was a timeshare owner for over twenty years and had been scammed a couple of times by timeshare exit companies over that period by firms making empty assurances that were purely deceitful. I ran across David Bates and his firm largely by happenstance and I’m grateful that I did. David gave me sound advice; made no assurances; and, did not request anything of me except solid informational detail. I paid no “upfront” fees of any sort and dealt solely with first-class professionals from the moment David and I spoke. I can’t say enough about the quality of service and professionalism I experienced with these folks.

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The end result was totally favorable and I’m now completely free of my longtime timeshare. How refreshing it is to know there are real, trustworthy professionals therein that are helpful, considerate, and extremely knowledgeable. Sell My Timeshare connects timeshare owners with people who want to buy or rent a timeshare. It is an active online marketplace that uses innovative search engine optimization strategies to get available timeshare properties in front of qualified buyers. Our attorneys focus on consumer protection & timeshare law, helping thousands of timeshare owners cancel timeshare contracts. THIS SHORT TERM RENTAL AGREEMENT here-inafter referred to as “Lease is offered by Resorts Connections Inc. and for general information, education and communication purposes only.

Thanks to all the that brought success to this effort. The closing company we worked with was fantastic and responsive. I was a little hesitant to buy a timeshare third-party but if the right opportunity comes up again I would buy another. I have already recommended on my timeshare now to family and friends as I am happy with the outcome. I saved over 50% compared to buying directly from Marriott. We used to buy our new timeshare in Breck at a fraction of the cost of buying new through the resort.

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Seaside Consulting Group is based out of Encinitas, California. Their website says they have a proven timeshare exit strategy. The company works in tandem with an escrow company and says that you won’t pay any money upfront. Instead, you’ll pay after your timeshare transfer paperwork is complete.

Timeshare Travel is located in Utah, and have been helping customers all over the world for 20 years. As a licensed Timeshare Resale Service, they buy and sell timeshares. When in contact with an interested buyer, work with them to come to an agreed-upon price that makes you both happy. We will then refer you to a trusted closing company to help finalize the legal paperwork for your timeshare sale. For those who prefer it, broker assistance is available through our affiliate Timeshare Broker Services. We recommend their assistance to timeshare resellers who want as little as possible to do with the process of finding a buyer and settling on a sale price.

Rental fees are discounted for owners who also list a property for sale on the SMTN website. Many sellers rent out their timeshare while they are waiting for it to sell. This consulting services functions in conjunction with attorneys and other industry related strategic partners to help owners find the best solution.

This interaction with the staff steadily improved the quality of the listing, which over the past year generated increased interest and inquiries. SellMyTimeshareNow puts your property in front of thousands of interested buyers and renters looking for a hassle-free timeshare buying experience. Whether you’re looking to sell your timeshare or rent it out, listing your property on SMTN puts it in front of the exact people who are looking for it. We fully assist you in managing your timeshare account, booking your personal vacations and doing rental on your unused points. You will be assigned a team of experienced agents that are available 7 days a week, 365 days a year to make sure you get the most out of your ownership and our service.

Their guarantees are backed by 100% satisfaction rates and 5-Star ratings. This dual approach helps you cover all of your bases when it comes to timeshare exit services. Here are some of the most highly rated timeshare exit companies. These scams may cost you thousands of dollars and cause you to retain ownership of your timeshare.

All lawyers are licensed to practice timeshare law and are versed in consumer protection law. Sell My Timeshare is a legitimate company that specializes in timeshare resale and rental services. Some reviews state that SMTN does not always sell the property as quickly as it advertises and the contract can be confusing, but there are no hidden fees and customers have the option to cancel. Our licensed timeshare brokers are resale experts who have the timeshare real estate knowledge to ensure the best possible results for those looking to purchase a timeshare. We offer a large inventory of points packages, fractionals, and timeshares in the world’s most popular vacation destinations and resorts.

Visit the beautiful state year after year when you buy or rent a Georgia timeshare. With, you’re sure to find the best deal on a Georgia timeshare resale or rental. Owning a timeshare comes with many perks—primarily access to a swanky resort in a place that you love. Instead of purchasing an entire property outright, timeshares allow you to own a certain amount of time per year in one condo or apartment . The rest of the year, others own the timeshare and use it as they’d like.

Our goal is to be sure you make the right decision so we’ll assess your ownership and let you know your options. Whether you are trying to sell a Wyndham, Marriott, Hilton, or any other brand of timeshare resale, our site has the tools to help you. Because we market to thousands of potential buyers every month, advertising with us will maximize your exposure. Place your timeshare resale in front of buyers worldwide through our online marketplace.

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With the help of a lawyer for timeshare mediation services, who will facilitate communication and help both parties reach an agreement. The safest way to sell your timeshare is through a licensed real estate broker because brokers are not allowed to charge an up-front fee to sell your timeshare. However, timeshare brokers work on commission, so if your timeshare has no value, as many do not, a timeshare broker will not have an incentive to sell your timeshare. The reason for this is that timeshare is not an investment like traditional real estate. It typically does not go up in value after you purchase it. It’s more like a new car where it loses value the second it is purchased.


Read 34 Reviews Blue Bay Club includes 52 hotels in 27 different travel destinations, so customers always have a unique destination to visit. They own four different brands that cater to business travelers as well as families and leisure. Read 315 Reviews Royal Holiday Vacation Club sells memberships that allow you to accumulate points to spend on resorts and cruises. You can use points at any of the company’s 180 destinations, located around the world. By using Lease the user agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless from any and all damages arising as a consequence of such use arising therefrom. Submit this form to provide your information if you are a timeshare agent or broker and want to be added to our network.

Our legal team prioritized our client’s interests and reached a settlement agreement with the management company’s attorney. When you call a law firm, the attorney will generally speak with you for only min. The attorney can only provide legal advice by establishing an attorney-client relationship. Speak to a Licensed Consultant today to address your questions before deciding to cancel your timeshare.

Yelp users haven’t asked any questions yet about SellMyTimeshareNow. Be sure you understand your responsibilities, the company’s responsibilities and all the other terms. Unless you have specifically reached out to a certain company requesting information or assistance, proceed with caution if you get an unrequested call from one of these companies. You can use one of the timeshare calculators on the Timeshare Compliance or Timeshare Specialists websites to see if that is indeed the case. The Newton Group website doesn’t mention anything about a money back guarantee. However, they do have great ratings on several popular sites, including Trustpilot.

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