Daksh Securitas has stepped into the arena of security services with an aim of safeguarding your trust and faith. We are committed to offering dependable and advanced means of safety and security solutions. Each of our team members is well-aware of their duty and responsibility towards the clients.

This spirit helps us stand out from the crowd. We deploy the best security solutions aided by the most effective and reliable equipment and advanced technology. Daksh Securitas serves individuals, corporate houses, public sectors, and government organizations. Our team is well-equipped and always ready to provide our clients with a safety chain in a highly professional manner. Here is a detailed account of Daksh Securitas Accreditations.

Daksh Securitas Accreditations

At Daksh Securitas, we are passionate about our work. We are always trying to improve our services; at the same time, we are also concerned for the safety and well-being of our staff. We know the vitality and effect of our services on the environment. To assure the effectiveness of all of these issues, it is important to note that Daksh Securitas has been independently audited and certified across all these areas.

Quality Management

At Daksh Securitas, our Business Management System or BMS incorporates all the aspects of your services and work process to measure the clients’ satisfaction as well as requirements from subcontractors. Daksh Securitas takes pride in announcing that it has been audited and certified to ISO 9001:2008 by International Certification authority.

Health & Safety Management

Daksh Securitas takes special care of the health and safety of the staff, clients, and the contractors. Certain effective Safety Work Method Statements or SWMS have been generated for all facets of our work. With these SWMs, we have developed the most effective Safety Management System. The quality of our safety management system is validated by the fact that the company has been independently audited and certified to 4801:2001 standards by International Certifications.

Environmental Management

Daksh Securitas management understands how important it is to be a dedicated and honest corporate citizen. That’s why we have been gaining continuous success. The management also considers the environmental aspects registered for the overall growth and development of the business. We always try to come up with an environment-friendly alternative that can comply with the registered company environment. Daksh Securitas has been independently audited and certified against ISO 14001:2004 standard by International Certifications.

Daksh Securitas promises professional and customized security solutions to fulfill specific requirements of every customer and at the same time, the company promises the staff a safe and prosperous field of work.

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